About Us

Hello!  I trust that you will have a look at the store if you haven’t already…  All the images were taken by me and represent the things that I love about life.  There is nothing so beautiful, in my very humble opinion, than a horse being a horse, a dog being a dog and the world being there for us – literally the ground beneath our feet and the waves that wash over us.  Each image was taken with love and is brought to you with love.  Enjoy them in your home or wherever you choose to hang them.  At the moment, there are only a few horse images available but very shortly (it’s now October 2017) I will be uploading more horse images as well as landscapes, seascapes and other subjects – so come back regularly!

In this crazy, busy, 24/7 world we have created, I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to have a look at the wonderful things that this world can show us and even taking a small piece of it in the form of a print from this site home with you.  You will be glad you did!

Finally, as a small way to give something back, each print sold will ensure that 5% of its value will go to a wonderful charity, The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust, run by the fabulous Heather Armstrong.  I met her some years ago and was bowled over by her sincerity, compassion and just all round loveliness.  I so wanted to help her and her charity but I am not the world’s bravest traveler so this is how I can help.  Please have a look at her site here. They do such tremendously valuable work to help those in Gambia, who desperately need their horses, to look after them well and keep them healthy.

Finally – really this time! As well as producing these prints for you, we run a retreat here in the beautiful Normandy countryside where you can come for a bit of rest and relaxation and I provide photography training courses that take us to the beaches, to other horses as well as the forest.

Spend some time with us…you are our welcome guest!

We, my husband Simon, black lab Jimmy, terrier puppy Daisy and my four beautiful horses, Frank, Woody, Q and Ronnie, moved here only relatively recently and are still in the process of setting ourselves up.  We are near to the glorious Mont St Michel as well as the Normandy landing beaches with a whole host of fabulous stuff in between!